Flags and Stars

It’s possible to bend language to your will, to invest extraordinary amounts of effort and care to make words do what you want them to do.

Our culture celebrates athletes that shape their bodies, and chieftains who build organizations. Lesser known, but more available, is the ability to work on our words until they succeed in transmitting our ideas and causing action.

Here’s the thing: you may not have the resources or the physique or the connections that people who do other sorts of work have. But you do have precisely the same keyboard as everyone else. It’s the most level playing field we’ve got.


This is mesmerizing…

It makes me imagine how amazing it would be if I was at a bar with a close friend and suddenly discovered they’ve modestly never mentioned this outrageous skill of theirs. 

But then I imagine actually meeting these folks at a bar and realizing they stuffed their pockets with about 20 fresh decks of cards before leaving the house, because there’s no way they’re not going to show off to every person who will watch. (At least that’s my experience with bar magicians who are not payed to be there.)

Cool card tricks, though.